These are projects I worked on in a more user experience design capacity, focusing more on the user journey mapping, user testing or prototyping side of things

Design system and style guide

Joined Carsales to work on company wide design system and build a CSS architecture for all teams local and global to use. Many of the departments were evolving quickly and designs were falling out of step with the companies global branding. There was no central source of truth or conceptual documentation for buttons, form elements or larger components. After working closely with the design team to use the Atomic Design structure we started creating all the base elements. In tandem I created an internal site for the documentation and developed a CSS framework with our styled components available for all to use.

Case Study: IA card sorting and user personas

Catholic Education Melbourne –


On the site redesign we had large task of cleaning up a very extensive IA which had evolved over the years to become confusing with a lot of overlapping areas/content. The main concern being multiple different types of used used the site for very different reasons, so we needed to break out what was important to who needed to see what information.


Based on the kick off meetings and our own research we created 12 user personas of all the different demographics that used the site; this included staff, parents, teachers and students. Once we had the user personas fleshed out we went back to the basics by printing out all the pages for a large card sorting session with the clients. This was to distinguish which pages were the most important and which pages could be grouped together better.


Once completed and the site rebuilt there was a much clearer distinction for the areas most needed for each user type.


Case Study: Prototype testing and Event tracking

BHP OUR Stories


The project was to connect the teams from all different offices and countries to share their stories. The main two constraints were making it as smooth as possible for the users to submit there story and making the site as high performance as possible as many of the staff were in remote locations only accessing the site on mobile with slow internet.


We focused on the design and experience as mobile first, keeping it as streamlined as possible and removing all the fluff. Showing low resolution images on initial load for slower connections. I also setup event tracking in GA so we were able to see what the users were doing and what was effective.


User Testing talk and workshop

Mind the Gap

In 2017 I had the opportunity to run a talk on User Testing for 15+ clients, focusing around Google Analytics. In the event I talked on how to get the most out of Google Analytics depending on the type of users, how to effectively setup and use event tracing and on how Goals can be used to track business goals. Also part of the event was a small workshop to show, using real world data, how to drill down to get the most out of the user data.

Here are a few related archived articles I wrote in connection with the above talk:


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